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The exclusive swimwear collection by Jasmine Miikika Craciun

GALI Swimwear collaborates with First Nations artists and communities to create swimwear that tells a story. Artist are paid royalties and we donate $1 from every product sold to community projects.

Para-Kiira Baaka Collection

A story of ancestry

This exclusive swimwear collection by Jasmine Miikika Craciun tells a story inspired by her Malyangapa and Barkindji ancestry.

Inspired by a photograph taken on a trip back to Country with Jasmine's grandmother, the colours and pattern represent the wide open plains and the ripples in the water of the flowing Darling River.

The circular motif in Para-Kiira Baaka represents the way water ripples as it moves, with each unique set of concentric circles contouring the body. When wet, the contrasting colours shimmer in the sunlight.

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Meet The Artist

Jasmine Miikika Craciun is a proud Barkindji & Malyangapa woman who has grown up in Newcastle. A graphic designer and multi-media artist, Jasmine believes design should be used to enact change. Her work tells a story and is made for everyone.

Mob: Barkindji & Malangapa

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5 Reasons To Wear GALI

Our swimwear is designed for everybody to wear and celebrate First Nations art and culture.

🎨 Wearable Aboriginal art
💯 Aboriginal owned small business
🖤 Empowering artists & communities
🇦🇺 Made in Australia
♻️ Made from recycled fabrics

Plus we offer free shipping and hassle free returns and exchanges.

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What We Stand For

  • Culture

    We collaborate with First Nation artists and communities. We share their stories respectfully, so that everyone can understand, support and celebrate Australia's First Nations culture. We are proud that they entrust us with their stories & culture.

  • Community

    We are ethical and give back to First Nation communities. We pay royalties to artists for every product made. We donate $1 to community-led projects for every product sold. We collaborate with First Nations creatives.

  • Country

    We ensure our products are made from premium recycled materials. We use compostable packaging is plastic free and sustainable. We choose to work with partners and suppliers that care for Country.

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Customer Reviews

  • Para-Kiira Baaka

    Excellent product , excellent designs , excellent customer service. So happy with everything and happy to be supporting Fist nations businesses like Gali

    Aaron purchased Para-Kiira Baaka (Black)
  • Comfort and quality

    Impressed by the comfort and quality. Online ordering and delivery was easy. #winners

    TM purchased Para-Kiira Baaka (Black)
  • Love them

    Great fit, sustainable packaging and fantastic design. The whole package!

    Tom purchased Para-Kiira Baaka (Red)
  • Perfect fit

    The fit is perfect. Beautiful cut, design and colour. My new favourite swimmers. Am so glad to support the Aboriginal community and artists.

    Pontus purchased Para-Kiira Baaka (Purple)
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