Caring for Country

Caring for Country is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to producing sustainable mens swimwear and lowering our overall impact on the environment at every stage of our business.

Made from recycled materials

Sustainable Swimwear

Gali Swimwear is committed to sustainability, that's why the fabric we use to make our swimwear is 100% recycled polyester and elastane - made from recycled PET bottles.

Some materials, such as the drawstring cords, are not made from recycled materials. Rest assured, we continue to look for more sustainable alternatives.

Small production runs

Less manufacturing means a lower carbon footprint. We produce small quantities that we know we can sell.

Compostable packaging

Our packaging is not only plastic free, it's compostable. Plus, we only order the packaging we need.

Carbon Neutral Postage

We use Australia Post's carbon neutral postal service to deliver our parcels worldwide.

Sustainable Suppliers

We partner with suppliers that focus on sustainability - such as our sustainable printer who uses sustainable inks.

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